Sharpening Stones

  • 4 Piece Arkansas Multiform Stone Set

    $41.00 $36.90

    Four different shaped Arkansas oil stones for honing carving chisels. Each stone is about 5.5 cm long

  • Arkansas Multiform Natural Oil Stone

    $84.00 $75.60

    Natural hard Arkansas multiform oil stone ideal for producing sharp edges on a variety of turning chisels, gouges and larger¬...

  • 3 Peice Sharpening Set

    $64.00 $57.60

    Three piece set with two stones and oil. One soft Arkansas stone for quick honing and a hard Arkansas stone for producing a ...

  • Arkansas Multiform Artificial Stone

    $24.00 $21.60

    Artificial Arkansas multiform stone ideal for quick honing on a variety of turning chisels, gouges and larger carving chi...

  • Natural Arkansas Sharpening Stone

    $61.00 $54.90

    Arkansas oil stone in wooden box. Ideal for quick honing. All enquiries welcome about these stones and other natural and arti...