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  • Australian Tools - Ken Arnold


    One of my favourite reference books over the last few years. This one has been reprinted and enlarged in 2011 and is back by ...

  • Farmyard Relics - Ken Arnold


    Another fantastic book with 80 pages of interesting pictures and information. Delivery is via Australia post and is $3.50 to...

  • Old Signs - Ken Arnold


    With 11 pages full colour and 80 pages all up this is a fantastic reference book with mostly enamel and tin signs but some ...

  • Australian Tins - Ken Arnold


    88 pages of history with 10 full colour pages and many other illustrations. Another fantastic volume from Ken. Delivery is vi...

  • Agricultural Relics - Ken Arnold


    Reprinted by popular demand this 80 page book is an excellent  companion book for Farmyard Relics. It contains 2 pages of c...

  • Collector's Companion - Ken Arnold


    This book has over 150 pages of information and pictures of collectible glassware, toys, pottery and many other items from da...

  • Kitchenalia Ken Arnold


    A fantastic resource book for recognising and collecting Kitchenalia. The author shares a wealth of his knowledge in a short ...

  • Sunshine Harvester


    84 pages of historical photographs and excellent advertisements. Delivery is via Australia post and is $3.50 to any destina...

  • and the Wheel Turned Volume 1



    This amazing book traces some of the early engines on wheels, the development of the tyre and the manufacturers, the car serv...

  • and the Wheel Turned Volume 2



    A good companion to volume 1 this book features the Australian petrol and petrol pump companies along with old advertisements...

Displaying 1 - 10 of 1112 Show All