Single Bit Axes

  • Plumb USA 4 1/2 lb Axe



    A cracker of an example of this kind of Plumb. Stamped both sides this one has been hung on a a new spotted gum handle. The h...

  • Plumb USA 4 1/2 lb Axe


    This old Plumb has done a bit of work. It would still make a fantastic wood pile or ute axe. Stamped on one side a little pit...

  • Savco Poison Axe


    A fantastic example of this kind of axe. Poison axes are a little hard to find and one in this condition even harder. The he...

  • Brades Cockatoo 4 1/2 lb 1571


    A nice example of this kind of axe with the stamp still in very good order. Hard to find collectable axe hung on a brand new ...

  • Hytest 4 1/2lb Axe


    Not branded this Hytest axe gives away its origin by the pattern and the remains of the green paint on the head. If you are l...

  • Collins Legitimus


    This one is  fitted with an old hickory fawns foot handle recovered from another axe.  The head is 19.5 cm from the pole to...