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  • Keesteel Half Axe



    Hard to find ribbed Keesteel half axe. This one is hung on a new old stock 600 mm handle.

  • Savco Poison Axe


    A fantastic example of this kind of axe. Poison axes are a little hard to find and one in this condition even harder. The he...

  • True Temper



    Nice old True Temper  axe. This one is not marked True Temper but the remains of the red paint and the ribs inside the eye t...

  • Vulcan Hand Made - True Temper Kelly Works



    What a nice example this Vulcan is. It is the only one that I have had with the words Hand Made also stamped into the head. N...

  • True Temper Flint Edge Hewing Axe


    A fantastic example of this kind of axe. A large version of a hewing or bench axe this one is fitted with a 400 mm handle, ha...

  • Kelly Registered



    Hard to find a Kelly like this one. It is a must for any collection. Marked Kelly Registered on one side and True Temper Kell...

  • Kelly St Catharines Canada 5 lb Plus


    A fantastic example of this kind of axe. This is a large axe the head being over 5 lbs. The head measures 21 cm to the 13.5 c...

  • True Temper Pulaski Axe


    This axe has done very little work. It is fitted with a very soled hickory handle and is ready for work. These are fantastic ...

  • Aircraft Escape Hatchet


    What a fantastic example of this kind of hatchet. These are hard to find and this one was probably manufactured during WW2. T...

  • Coleman Hatchet


    A nice old hatchet that is ideal for the camping trip or the kindling out on the wood pile. It has a 330 mm handle and the...

Displaying 1 - 10 of 23123 Show All