Hytest Plumb Australia Adze


A fantastic example and ready for work this old adze is just over 30cm from the hammer to the 10cm cutting edge.

Below is from my Facebook page

Another cracker from the Hytest stable. I started to clean up a couple of adze this morning and came across this one. Stamped Plumb Australia this is a fairly rare example and an old tool that has done very little work. Would be a shame not to work it again. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of giving one of these a run on a piece of Australian hardwood.

The old piece of hickory was a bit dry and a loose fit. It reminded me of running into an old sleeper cutter at an event where I demonstrating the use of old tools including adze. I was trying to wrap a piece of dried up old leather around the end of an adze handle to help with the fit. He said to me “mate why are you bothering, try doing this"

He split a wedge out of some timber with my squaring axe and fitted it to the underside of the head. He said to me that the wedge could go either side of the handle as I have done in the photos effectively changing the pitch of the head depending on the situation you were working in. A nice trick that works well.