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Hytest 4 1/2lb


Not branded this Hytest axe gives away its origin by the pattern and the remains of the green paint on the head. If you are looking for a good working axe that will last for years to come then this could be the one. It does have some minor bruising to the back of the head but is not cracked.

Hung with a new spotted gum handle it is a full axe and  measures 19 cm from the pole to the 14cm cutting edge. A fantastic ute, camping or wood pile axe ready  for work.

Rob Sorby Adze

Looking for a good adze that can be put straight back to work? Then this one has plenty of life left in it, is sharp and ready fro work.

From hammer to the 10cm cutting edge it measures just over 26cm.

Any question you might have on postage costs do not hesitate to contact me first.

 Aircraft Escape Hatchet

What a fantastic example of this kind of hatchet. These are hard to find and this one was probably manufactured during WW2. This type of hatchets were used by the crew of downed aircraft to cut their way out of the wreckage. This one measures 39cm from top to bottom and just over 19cm across the head. It is also marked with what I assume is the aircraft number.

Plumb Double Bit

This big old axe was produced by Plumb in the USA.  It measures over 29cm across and is about 9cm around each cutting edge. It is fitted with a new 32 inch handle.

Hytest Adze


This old adze is one of the best I have had go through my workshop for a while. I doubt very much if it has done much work at all. Sharp and ready to use I am assuming that it is an unbranded Hytest going on the colour of the paint that still remains on the head. It has a nice balance and feel when using it and would be a valuable addition to a collection or as a working tool.

Head length from hammer to the 10cm cutting edge is 31cm. About as big as they get.

 Brades Trap Setter


A fantastic collectable trap setter in very good condition. Don't miss out as these are hard to find.

 Plumb USA


This old Plumb has done a bit of work. It would still make a fantastic wood pile or ute axe. Stamped on one side a little pitted on the other, this one has been hung on a a new spotted gum handle and is ready for work. The head measures just under 18cm from the pole to the 13.5cm cutting edge.

Any questions do not hesitate to contact me.