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  • Shapleigh Hardware - Diamond Edge



    Fantastic old Shapleigh made in the USA.  I have fitted with a new 30 inch handle and the head on this one is 24cm acros...

  • Chiller Racing Axe



    A very nice example of this rare racing axe. It is clearly stamped on both sides of the head. The head measures 19cm from the...

  • Langdon Racing Axe

    Call for more info

    I believe this one to be a Langdon with only the markings of a previous owner "STUMPY".  This one is not for sale yet but I ...

  • Plumb Axe USA


    This old Plumb axe was made in the USA. It is fitted with a new spotted gum handle and is ready for the wood pile.

  • Aircraft Escape Hatchet


    What a fantastic example of this kind of hatchet. These are hard to find and this one was probably manufactured during WW2. T...

  • Ox-Head Brand Half Axe



    Hard to find German made Ox - Head Brand half axe. This one is in very nice condition and as I found it. It is nicely stamped...

  • Marshall Wells Hardware Hand Made

    $185.00 $166.50

    These double bit collectable axes are hard find. They are old and this one has done some work. It measures 27cm across the...

  • Estwing Gyprock Hatchet


    This is a very nice example of this kind of hatchet.

  • Coleman Hatchet


    A nice old hatchet that is ideal for the camping trip or the kindling out on the wood pile. It has a 330 mm handle and the...

  • Collins Axe



    This axe is a good user is sharp and ready for the wood pile or the off road trip. The head measures 19.5cm fom the pole to t...

Displaying 1 - 10 of 30123